I recently started collecting peignoirs and nighties from estates.  I have to admit I ignored the ever growing pile I was collecting mostly because they seemed a little boring to me.  Hmmm vintage nightgowns, they certainly didn't call to me like the tulle covered prom dresses of the 50s.  I set out to go through them, get them cleaned and do any necessary repairs.  As I started to look at each individual piece I realized what I had been missing!  Something about the nylon, chiffon, lace and beautiful details of these peignoirs just made me fall in love.  I wanted to put one on and run out to stop the mailman to give him a handwritten letter, or wave to my neighbors while sipping tea on the front porch.  So dainty and elegant, but kind of bombshell at the same time.  I think it's time to bring back the lovely two piece peignoirs of the past, if only to greet an am guest before politely excusing yourself to change into something "more proper".

8/21/2012 08:45:18 am

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10/9/2013 06:26:51 pm

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