Hats are such a lovely accessory any time of the year.  I've found though that women tend to shy away from rocking such a fabulous accessory with excuses like "I'm not a hat person," or "Hat's don't look good on me".  The truth is that hats look good on everyone. Well, maybe there's an exception or two...on second thought, probably not...hats are awesome!

So, after a bit of thinking I realized maybe it's just the threat of breaking etiquette  that keeps people from accessorizing their heads, so I dug up some basic rules of hat etiquette that come from the days when women owned more hats than shoes!

The following are rules pertaining to fashion hats worn in America.  Baseball caps have a different set of rules, as do other countries.

Is it good manners to remove my hat when indoors?
  The rules that apply to men certainly do not apply to women in this area.  Rock your hat outside and inside proudly!  It isn't considered bad manners to remove your hat when inside; in fact, it is considered quite unusual for a woman.  Hats are considered part of the wardrobe, so basically, as far as old school etiquette rules go, this would be the equivalent of removing your dress when entering a building.  To each her own, but to follow the rules, that hat stays put.

What Type of Hats are Acceptable and When
  Hats can be worn pretty much anywhere.  Commonly they are not worn when at home or when visiting a friend, although attending a dinner party at a friend's house would be an exception.  Large hats are acceptable for church, but should be removed when in a theatre...don't be that lady blocking everyone's view with your ginormous hat!
  Sun hats are best reserved for the beach and outdoors as they are not considered fashion hats and are not typically worn indoors.
  Most all other types of fashion hats are acceptable during parties, weddings, and in restaurants, or just a day out on the town.
  When attending a formal event or cocktail party it is more acceptable to wear a fascinator, comb, or scarf than a hat.
So now you know how to be polite and not rub Miss Manners the wrong way while wearing your hat.  Also, remember it is very impolite to point out when someone is breaking etiquette rules...so if you break a rule and someone has something to say, they have trumped your wrongdoing and you're the more polite one anyway!

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