Dogs kitchen begging
  They may look cute, two sweet little angels. But behind these faces is a never ending supply of weird noises, mischief, and maladjustment!  The black one is Harlowe, and the white one is Ava.  I named them after Hollywood icons.  I may have misjudged.

White boxer dog sweater sleeping
This is my older girl, Ava.  She is well aware that she is not allowed in my bed.  When I found her (and took this picture) she was making no attempt whatsoever to get up or hide what she'd done. Thanks, Ava.

boxer pug puppy, black boxer
I decided since I am so awesome at picking out dogs that I should get Ava a puppy friend.  This is baby Harlowe, she's super cute.

dogs playing boxers wrestling
This is grown up Harlowe wrestling with her sister, looking guilty, and once again proving that I am bad at choosing pets. Also notice how they made my pj's and towel into a bed before playing on them!

boxer sleeping on laptop
Another favourite activity of Harlowe is to lay on the laptop while I am working.  She's kind of a jerk.

black and white boxers

But then again they are kind of cute.

boxer pug english bulldog sheepdog bischon
And they behave when company
comes over.

dog sleeping on couch
They can only behave themselves for so long though. Eventually someone will end up somewhere they're not allowed.  This is how I found Harlowe, all smushy faced and drooling on the couch she isn't allowed on.

dog cone drinking from toilet
They refuse to have any boundaries even when they run the risk of drowning in the toilet.

dogs in costumes reindeer boxers
But occasionally they do pretend to be good sweet little dogs and trick us into buying them things....

orange tabby maine coon kitten
Like this kitten.

white boxer kitten sleeping on dog
Ava and Harlowe love their kitten so much they have taught him to lay with them on the furniture they're not allowed on.

puppy and kitten orange kitten boxer puppy
I think Harlowe actually just wants to eat him.

dog and kitten friends sleeping
They may actually be friends though...

orange kitten laying on back
Because Cooper is a jerk too, because I choose pets poorly.

Although my pets are jerks I love them dearly!  Ava was a stray that spent a long time in a shelter before I adopted her.  Harlowe was adopted from a breeder that had an accidental liter of mixed breed puppies.  Cooper, the newest addition is also a rescue from a county shelter.  They are actually pretty great, mostly well behaved, lovey little animals. 

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