While pondering my next vintage inspired blog I was distracted by my husband's complaining of his itchies, or as normal people may call it, poison ivy.  Of course this got me thinking about a fix, and then on to thoughts about old timey... er, vintage remedies.  A little different than the normal fashion blogs, but still old fashioned!
  I started to think about how there used to be all these great homemade things that people would rely on, things that don't cost a fortune from the drug store and don't have side effects just short of limbs falling off.  So some internet browsing ensued, as did a bit of scowling at my husband and his constant itching.  I came across a few homemade lotion recipes, all basically using beeswax and water as a base with a dash of this and that.  Unfortunately I have no stock of beeswax, so I just decided to play chemist...and it wasn't going on my legs, so I felt a little more creative with what I was making! (Note to my lovely english teacher of a husband who will certainly find and grammer correct this post: I love you and I promise I won't scowl at your misery anymore.)  Anyways I found a pretty stellar fomula for keeping the itchies at bay and it's pretty easy and likely that the ingredients already live in your cabinets.
  What you'll need:
  • a medium size sauce pan
  • an empty clean can (basically any average size can like the ones in your recycle from dinner the other night)
  • Small chopper or food processor
  • vaseline
  • oatmeal
  • water (preferably filtered or distilled)
  • salt (this dries up the oozies)
  • honey (this has antibacterial properties I'm told)
  • tea tree oil (optional, but super worth keeping around for all sorts of things)

How to put it all together:

  1.   Fill your sauce pan about 1/3 full of tap water and place on the stove over medium heat. 
  2.   Put about 2 tablespoons of vaseline into the clean tin can.  Carefully place the can into the saucepan (you're basically just making a double boiler, you could go sans can and ick up your pot if that's your thing too.)
  3.   Put about 4 tablespoons of oatmeal into your food processor and blend it up until its close to a powder.  Add this to your can of vaseline once it's melted.
  4.   Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of salt and mix it all together
  5.   Add 1 tablespoon of distilled water at a time until it's about a pudding consistency and keep mixing until everything is all nicely blended together.
  6.   Add a few drops of tea tree oil if you have it and mix again.
  7.   Turn off the heat and once it's cool enough put your concoction into the fridge to completely cool.
  8.   Slather your lotion all over the poison ivy and voila! no more itchies.

  Make sure to keep your formula refrigerated so it doesn't spoil. 
  I'd love to hear things that your old fashioned remedies!  Feel free to comment about anything you've tried that's worked or learned never to do again!

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