This past weekend I made some spooky little pillows for my front porch.  They turned out really cute and were super easy to make!  So the following is a tutorial on how to make your own Halloween decoration pillows.

What You Will Need
  • About 1 yard of muslin fabric (I used heavy weight, but any will do)
  • printer paper
  • a design (either one you have made, or I used a premade pumpkin carving pattern)
  • fabric scissors
  • some thread and a sewing needle (also a sewing machine makes it a bit easier, although it's not necessary)
  • a ruler or measuring tape
  • cotton stuffing
  • spray adhesive
  • spray paint in whatever colour you would like your design to be.
  • an exacto or utility knife
  • a marker that matches the colour of your spray paint for touchups

craft supplies spray glue scissors ruler pin cushion
What To Do

1. Gather all the supplies you will need and fine a good place to work, like a kitchen table or some sort of big flat surface.

2. Fold your muslin fabric in half and use a piece of printer paper as a template to cut out the piece for your pillow. I cut mine a little bit bigger than the paper so that I would have a black paint edge around the outsides of the pillow.  Take your 2 pieces of cut muslin and set them aside.

pumpkin carving halloween stencil haunted house
3. Either draw your own design or print one out that you find online.  I searched pumpkin carving stencils to get this one.  Make sure your design fills most of the paper, you may have to resize it. 
4. Use an exacto or utility knife to cut away the negative space of the design, this will end up being the coloured area on your pillow.(Most of the printable ones will have the area you want to cut out shaded gray, which makes it a bit easier to know where exactly to cut.)

5.  Spray your cut out design with spray adhesive.  Make sure to either do this outside or lay down newspaper on the surrounding areas because it tends to make everything sticky!
6. Let the paper sit for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

7. Carefully center the paper on 1 piece of your cut muslin fabric, sticky side down.  Carefully rub all areas of the paper to make sure every little piece is completely stuck to the fabric.
8. Lay the fabric with the attached stencil on a surface that won't be destroyed by paint overspray.( I use a piece of postor board outside in the dirt)

9. Spray paint over the stencil and fabric. A few light coats are best so there are no runs.  Once the paint on the fabric looks pretty solid and not splotchy, you're done.  Don't worry about making it completely solid, it actually looks better if it is a tiny bit splotchy. Also it is more likely to bleed or peel if you put on too many layers of paint.
10. Set aside your pattern to dry completely.
11.  Once the paint has dried place the right sides of the two pieces of muslin together ****double check that your design is on the inside!****and stitch all 4 sides leaving about a 4 inch opening on the bottom (this is your stuffing hole!)  A 5/8" seam allowance is good.  If you are sewing by hand make sure to use a small running stitch so your stuffing can't sneak out.

hand stitch overcast stitch
12.  Turn your pillow to the right side by pulling it through the hole.  Your design should now be on the outside.
13. Take handfuls of your pillow stuffing and shove it in the hole a bit at a time.  Make sure to push the filling into the corners.
14. Once your pillow is as full as you would like it to be (I stuffed mine until it was almost hard from the amount of stuffing I put in)  you will need to hand stitch the hole closed using an overcast stitch.
15. Use your marker to fix up any boo boos you see.
16. Put your new pillow somewhere where everyone will be super impressed by your awesome work!

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9/26/2012 12:05:02 pm

Love this! So cute and easy!

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I hope that you choose a nice way to decorate the house for Halloween


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