Planning a wedding takes a lot of budgeting.  This much for the hall, the photographer...and so on.  The florist can take up a huge chunk of a wedding budget if you're going with centerpieces, bouquets, flowers for the ceremony and for the guys.  Although they're beautiful, they only last so long.  I went a little less traditional for my wedding and opted for a button bouquet.  This meant searching for some pictures and some trial and error arts and crafts time!  I realized that they are actually simple to make, very easy to customize to your colour and style, and last forever. It was also pretty inexpensive to make by purchasing a lot of buttons on ebay. The only downside is you may want to get a cheap toss bouquet for the ceremony because they are a bit heavy and I don't think they'd do well being thrown!  For my step by step on how to create your own button bouquet go here: http://www.craftsy.com/project/view/Bernina-Button-Bouquet/51293

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