The change of seasons is coming soon and like most people I look forward to the change of colours that comes with autumn.  My love of 50s prom dresses and layers of tulle found in summer dresses is very obvious, but I'm a fall fashion girl all the way. 
  Mustard yellow, olive green and burnt orange are must haves for the cooler months. Whether modern or vintage, these colours are muted enough to wear every day, but at the same time they are bold enough to make a statement.  Rock a vintage mustard yellow cardigan like the one pictured (www.2ndlookvintage.etsy.com for the pattern) 


My absolute must have for this season is vintage wool sailor pants.  High waisted pants, naval inspired looks and wool fabric are perfect for the fall.  Try pairing the heavy look of a wool pant with a light and feminine blouse for a girly look with a slight edge  Wool secretary style dresses also fit the upcoming season perfectly.  An A line style is oh-so-classic retro and can be worn easily as a day look for work or play.

Kid and opera length gloves are great accessories for this fall.  Gloves are perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of vintage styling to their look.  Inexpensive and usually easily washable, they're a great choice for accessorizing any outfit.  Etsy.com
is a great place to find dainty to dramatic styles in neutral to bright colours.

  Fall is definitely the season for fashion and is very vintage friendly, whether you go with overall vintage attire or just some accessories.  Keep things balanced by pairing stronger fabrics, such as wool, with lighter lacy ones.  Pair muted colours, or go all over neutral and add colourful accessories.  Whether you're head to toe pin-up or demure secretary, there's a place for vintage in everyone's wardrobe!



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Surely you can see a lot of accessories on this fashion show

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Choose a variety of accessories to complete your look.

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There's a very nice dress for formal occasions


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